Website Design or Website Development- Difference Analysis

There is always disorientation on the interpretation of website design and website development. Both of these phrases are appeared similar to most of the people because this confusion should naturally be cleared to those persons who have expertise or familiarity in information technology.

As per the searching results of Google, people search for both Website Design Company and Website Development Company. Presently, these two terms are being identical as ‘IT companies’ substitute the ways they describe their services. You need to be well aware of the distinction between website design and development if you need a website design or development service from a web development company.

Website Design vs. Website Development in Nutshell

Website design refers to the aesthetic segment of a website and its outlook and usability. Website designers use various programs such as Adobe Photoshop to create visual elements of the website. Website designers use eye-catching images, videos, infographic and graphic creations to design an excellent website.

On the other hand, website development is the process of building, creating and maintaining the website including website design, programming language, database management. Website developers utilize HTML, CSS, Java, ASP and other tools to create excellent responsive website.

A Closer Look on Website Design

Website designers start their journey of designing a website by considering a client’s website objectives and then move on to the designing process. The designers follow some basic principles to create an excellent design with an attractive layout.

  1. Balanced layout with light (lighter colors) as well as heavy (dark colors) elements.
  2. Contrasting sizes, textures and shapes to draw attention towards certain portion of the website.
  3. Emphasis on a certain section on the webpage instead of focusing on the whole page.
  4. Vivid and consistent navigation to make user-friendly.

Website developers, considering the design created by the designer, develop an entirely functional website. They use HTML code to input the content and make the shape with the help of CSS. Besides HTML, there several other programming languages such as PHP to develop various web pages.

Web Developers may use open source Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress or Joomla to consolidate the development and giving the clients access to easily maintain and update their website.

Website developers consider many security concerns such as data entry error checking through forms, filtering output, and encryption. In case of ecommerce website, the developers build the selling process as well as integrate the payment gateway.

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