Go for Software training institute or Software company training???

Why I am asking this question to you? Let’s clarify the things. After completion of your bachelor degree (in technical stream) or while pursuing, everyone does or makes their final year project from a software training institution where you even have to pay huge amount just to get a certificate of their institution or from any renowned company (if they had a tie-up). Why not you do the same thing from a software company? It can be a MNC or any start-up software company. Training institute trained you or assist you in the same way they are doing it for past few years. They are not aware of latest tools and technologies. They will provide you the repeated projects, same platform, backdated technology and tools which are even out of the market. You will never get the environment which you can get in a software company training. Don’t just buy the certificate, get the right thing from a right place. Your today’s effort will make you for tomorrow.

Not getting placement even after training?? 

See the concept is very clear, today every software company needs industry ready professionals. Their requirement is like they will give hardly one month to an individual & from the second month he/she will work on the live project. Company at least expect students are familiar with the latest tool and technologies. But unfortunately, this is not possible as Indian university courses are not updated timely.

Even college can’t help you in this because they have to cover entire syllabus in time. Company can’t keep you as a trainee for a long time. They will hardly give you one month, within that if you are capable then its fair enough, otherwise they will sack you. That means your final year is the most precious time, which you have to utilize it in the right organization.  If you do your training or project in a software company you will get to know how the things are done globally, you will be aware of the current trends, latest technologies and tools. You will interact with live working developers, designers etc. You will see in front of your eyes how things are done. Each and every thing you will be familiar. Don’t waste your time in software training institution, go for software company training because your today will make you for tomorrow.

Why you should join RLInfocomm software company training?

RL Infocomm basically provide training in Web designing, mobile app development, software development, graphic design, SEO and calling. We work with latest technologies and tools according to the market demand. Our training programs are targeted at professional level for them who want to take their careers to the next level by enhancing their knowledge of the latest technologies.

You might have a question why you should join us??

We will not provide you training only on live projects, you will work with our industry experience developers. They have more than 5+ years of experience in their respective domain. So, every time you will be assist by our professionals for everything or anything. Come, join us, be a part of our team.

— by Robin

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